Distributed Government

Helping public service teams build highly effective remote and telework environments.


Remote / telework services for government teams.


Get customizable training for small or large groups at your agency on remote / telework best practices.


Get personalized coaching and implementation help for building effective distributed government teams.


Get one-on-one consulting for orientation on telework policies and best practices, along with recommendations for your agency.


Distributed government instructors, advisors and coaches.

Grace McKinney

Grace McKinney

Hiring manager focused on diversity and impact for distributed teams

Joan Bordow

Joan Bordow

Seasoned Human Dynamics Course Leader, Coach & Author

John O'Duinn

John O'Duinn

Author, Distributed Teams - The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart

Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell

DistributedGov community manager


The Distributed Government Guide is a free resource helping public service teams build effective remote and telework environments.


Remote / telework support.