Managing Teleworkers in Government

John O'Duinn John O'Duinn, Author, Distributed Teams - The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart

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This training provides government leaders with strategies, tools, and best practices for effectively leading in a distributed (remote/telework) model. The focus is on the unique challenges of leading, mentoring, and managing while physically apart from your team.

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Training - “Effective Telework in Distributed Government Teams”

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  • Anyone leading or managing a remote / teleworking government team

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  • Tools and processes to promote transparency and accountability

  • Strategies for recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding while teleworking

  • Handling one-on-one calls and reviews

  • Tactics for helping staff address issues of isolation and loneliness

  • Fostering team culture and trust while physically apart

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  • Four 90-minute virtual sessions, over a 4-week period

  • Includes hands-on exercises and “homework” to practice concepts and techniques

  • Q & A to address your agency’s specific concerns

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$1,500 per individual - click here to purchase. To reserve an entire cohort of up to 20 participants from your organization, at a discounted $20,000, contact us.

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John O'Duinn

John O'Duinn

John O’Duinn is the author of “Distributed Teams - The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart,” which was first published in 2018, with a fully updated second edition published in January 2021. This business management book covers essential practical mechanics of how to work in and run distributed organizations, as well as the wider diversity, environmental, urban planning and community renewal benefits of distributed organizations. John is a senior technologist and entrepreneur who has worked in distributed companies of one form or another for 29 years, led distributed teams for 15 years, run workshops and mentored distributed teams for 8 years and is a frequent international speaker on the benefits and strategies of remote work. John served in the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House, helped the State of Vermont write their 2018 "Remote Worker" law encouraging remote work to promote economic growth, helped the State of California revise its 2021 telework policy during COVID-19 and is supporting the development of other telework and economic development policies for multiple jurisdictions worldwide



Get customizable training for small or large groups at your agency on remote / telework best practices.


Get personalized coaching and implementation help for building effective distributed government teams.


Get one-on-one consulting for orientation on telework policies and best practices, along with recommendations for your agency.