Always Getting Better: Building Organizations of Purpose That Get Things Done

Luke Fretwell Luke Fretwell, DistributedGov community manager

About this training Permalink

A primer on building an open, distributed culture of collaboration, accountability and iterative excellence, based on proven experience with government leaders and multiple start-up business environments.

Who it's for Permalink

  • Government team leaders

  • Government team members

What you learn Permalink

  • Establish an open framework for operational efficiency

  • Determine the best tools for effective collaboration

  • Think and work in a culture that values iterative improvement and an evolving mindset

Format Permalink

  • 60-90 minute virtual presentation

  • Open Q & A

Cost Permalink

$500 for unlimited group size

Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell is a DistributedGov community manager. He is CEO of ProudCity.



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