Recruiting and Hiring For Distributed Government Teams

Grace McKinney Grace McKinney, Hiring manager focused on diversity and impact for distributed teams
John O'Duinn John O'Duinn, Author, Distributed Teams - The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart

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This one-on-one coaching builds on previous training, and will help you solve your agency’s specific implementation challenges around hiring for distributed (remote / telework) teams. Modernizing your recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes to work well in a virtual environment will increase your team’s resilience, diversity, and retention.

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Training - “Recruiting and Hiring While Teleworking”

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  • Human Resource personnel and other agency leaders responsible for recruiting and hiring

  • Hiring managers and other team members involved in evaluating candidates

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  • 30-minute discovery call to ascertain needs and desired outcomes

  • Individual one-on-one virtual coaching sessions as needed

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Varies according to duration and complexity of engagement

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Grace McKinney

Grace McKinney

Grace is committed to work that has a large impact on people’s lives.

She discovered the power of civic technology while working for the U.S. Digital Service. Now she helps CivicActions recruit talented people who are also passionate about transforming government services. Grace draws on experience and sound strategy for managing an efficient, equitable hiring process. Core competencies, data, and empathy for candidates guides her work.

Grace has a Bachelor’s in English Literature, with a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from Georgetown University, where she was involved in feminist organizing on campus. She enjoys reading and yoga, but her newest, geekiest pleasure since entering civic tech is Dungeons & Dragons.

John O'Duinn

John O'Duinn

John O’Duinn is the author of “Distributed Teams - The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart.” He is a senior technologist, entrepreneur, and frequent international speaker on the benefits and strategies for remote work. John served in the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House and has provided workshops and mentorship to distributed teams around the world. He co-created the State of Vermont policy encouraging remote work to promote economic growth, is helping the State of California revise its telework policy and is supporting the development of other economic development policies for multiple jurisdictions worldwide.



Get customizable training for small or large groups at your agency on remote / telework best practices.


Get personalized coaching and implementation help for building effective distributed government teams.


Get one-on-one consulting for orientation on telework policies and best practices, along with recommendations for your agency.